Troyka - Moxxy (2012)

If, like me, you sit up at night wondering what the intersection between Jazz and math-rock might sound like, then you will be pleased to hear that you can hear snippets of that on Troyka’s latest album, Moxxy.

But don’t expect Hella with trumpets, or Sax Ruins, Troyka are a Jazz band, exploring audio space and their touchings on math-rock are probably not even conscious decisions, just the locations they travel through.

They are a three-piece London-based group, consisting of guitar, drums and keyboards, with some added electronics thrown in for good measure.

While Troyka don’t have the immediate hit that compatriots Led Bib, Polar Bear and Roller Trio have, Moxxy is a damn fine album that has more of a “post-rock attitude” than the “punk attitude” that has been leveled at those three. It is more simple in approach as well; a fact reflected, I think, by the single-word, seemingly randomly picked titles of the tracks.

Favourite tracks: Dropsy, Rest, Islands
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