Antibalas – Antibalas (2012)

Antibalas - Antibalas (2012)

What’s that? These guys are from Brooklyn? Not Nigeria? You’re joking right?

That’s right, Antibalas (Spanish for bulletproof) are an Afrobeat band from Brooklyn, NY, who were formed in 1998 by Saxophonist Martin Perna. The band’s main influence is Fela Kuti and it shows; they do fantastic justice to Kuti’s name here on their eponymous fifth album. It’s no surprise that in 2008, they were chosen to play for the musical Fela!, which documents the life and music of the legendary Nigerian singer.

What’s not to love about this album? It has glorious punchy horns, groovy funky basslines, infectious Afrobeat rhythms, playful patois vocals, driving organ, and it is simply irresistible!

The whole thing is jam-packed full of fun, it’s joyous and just makes you want to move.

Now, get up and dance!

Favourite tracks: Dirty Money, The Ratcatcher, Sare Kon Kon.

Spotify link: Antibalas – Antibalas
Sneak peak: 

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