Get The Blessing – OCDC (2012)

OCDC - Get The Blessing (2012)

It’s immediately obvious that this isn’t a standard Jazz album; the rhythm section just doesn’t sound “jazz”. The basslines are so much more rock focused and that just gives the whole a completely different feel to other modern jazz bands. But then, the rhythm section are from Portishead (the band, not the place!) and that does account for a lot more.

Get the Blessing are from Bristol, UK, and OCDC is their third album, their first All is Yes (2008) won best album at the BBC Jazz Awards.

Overall, OCDC is a mix of Jazz and rock, with driving rock basslines and gorgeous sax and trumpet melodies. But here’s where the Portishead influence comes in; there is definitely a trip-hop feel to the album. Many of the tracks are really smooth and chilled, but always keeping you on your toes, with some sax wailing, and basslines that you’d expect more on a punk album, you can’t let your guard down. There is a downtempo theme across a lot of the tracks, some Morricone-styled trumpet, some dub influenced stylings, but it all works and is a glorious album. This is band not afraid to push the boundaries of what a genre should sound like.

It’s pretty much unique among modern British Jazz music and I hope they continue to be as innovative as they are here, even if they don’t appeal to Jazz purists!

Favourite tracks: Americano Meccano, Low Earth Orbit, Pentopia.

Spotify link: Get The Blessing – OC DC
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3 thoughts on “Get The Blessing – OCDC (2012)

  1. Kris (MHunter)

    Great find. Listening I can’t help think if Miles Davis was around longer this would be in his realm of creation as he was constantly pushing and creating.

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