Deerhoof – Breakup Song (2012)

Deerhoof - Breakup Song (2012)

I’ve been looking forward to listening to this one for a while. Deerhoof are an American/Japanese experimental noise pop/indie band and Breakup Song is their 11th album in 15 years of existence.

Deerhoof specialise in taking you in directions you don’t expect, from Nine Inch Nails style industrial metal at the beginning of the title track (I kid you not!) and the end of To Fly Or Not To Fly (which itself opens with an epic club dance music-style opening), through a mutant cha-cha on The Trouble With Candyhands to snippets of straight up pop on Fete D’Adieu. We Do Parties descends into noise rock and Bad Kids to the Front sounds like the computer from Chock-a-block is doing backing vocals. All very exciting and very interesting.

Unusual time signatures and polyrhythms are abundant and, along with the constant changes in style and big synth sounds, blips and bloops, noises and grooves, work together to keep you on your toes. Breakup song is just what you’d expect from a Deerhoof album: frenetic, playful, noisy and an awful lot of fun. I can’t remember when I first came across Deerhoof, but a track off the album Friend Opportunity (2007) called Kidz Are So Small has the lyric “If I were a man and you a dog, I’d throw a stick for you”, and that is how I hear Deerhoof; like an over-excited puppy waiting for you to throw a stick, tail wagging, unable to stop itself barking in excitement.

The stark contrast between Matsuzaki’s endearing sweet vocals and the noisy pop rock is a classic Deerhoof sound and something that makes them more interesting than most, and Breakup Song is as good as any in their catalogue.

Favourite tracks: Breakup Songs, Zero Seconds Pause, We Do Parties

Spotify link: Deerhoof – Breakup Song
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