Bad Religion - True North (2013)

Bad Religion – True North (2013)

Well, what can be said about Bad Religion that hasn’t been said before? They are veterans of American punk rock and an influence for pretty much every band that followed them.

Right from the start of this, their 16th album, it is obvious that you are listening to Bad Religion, they just have that inimitable “Bad Religion” sound. Despite the veteran status, they explode with youth energy from the opener and keep the energy up fairly consistently throughout.

There is little point in me highlighting certain parts of certain songs and likening them to influences the band might’ve received; that is not what Bad Religion is about. Hell, it’s not what punk rock is about. While the majority of my reviews on this blog are experimental or avant garde, I have a big soft spot for punk; as a teenager, I had a mohawk, I played bass in some punk bands, went to a lot of punk gigs and had a damn good time!

The message is a great deal more important; here, Bad Religion take on their favourite subjects with acerbic wit: corporate greed, religion, hypocrisy, and social and political injustice. Front man, Greg Graffin has always had a certain poetry to his lyrics, that elevates Bad Religion above many of their peers in American punk rock and that remains true here on True North.

The bottom line though is this: if you like Bad Religion, you will like this; if you don’t like Bad Religion, there is likely to be little to change your mind here. If you haven’t listened to Bad Religion, then you might as well give this a try, it is the kind of album that after one listen you will be whistling the tunes to yourself, they are catchy pop-punk tracks that are immediately accessible.

Favourite tracks: Robin Hood in Reverse, Dharma and the Bomb, Popular Consensus

Spotify link: Bad Religion – True North
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