Sebkha-Chott – Ne[XXX]t Epilog (2012)

Sebkha-Chott - Ne[XXX]t Epilog (2012)

Sebkha-Chott are an avant-garde metal band from France, who I first discovered on Nagah Mahdi, their excellent second album. In the same way as Magma, GWAR or Secret Chiefs 3, Sebkha-Chott have generated an entire mythology surrounding their work. A mythology as intricate and manic, politically, geographically and socially, as their music; the band exist in Ohreland, a world not related to Earth, the latter they only enter for their “stopovers” (or gigs as the rest of the world calls them). 

Wailing sax, brutal blast beats, funky bass, dynamic shifts, metal guitars, ethereal interludes, Jazzy breaks and structured freak outs, This album will certainly appeal to fans of Mr Bungle, Fantomas and the like, with hyperactive rhythm changes and well-choreographed noise. Several listens wouldn’t even do justice to the depth and intricacy herein. Zappa, Primus, Fantomas, Tom Waits, Magma, Mr Bungle, Residents, Zappa, et al. are all represented and all clash in a glorious package.

Favourite tracks: Tourista et Fugue, Ballade Bouree et Courante, Saphonie Pastorale

Spotify link: Sebkha-Chott – The Ne[xxx]t Epilog
Bandcamp link:
Sneak peak: 

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