Fidlar - Fidlar (2012)

FIDLAR (“Fuck it dog, life’s a risk”) are nominally a punk band from LA, with Punk heritage (the father of two of them was in TSOL), and a pretty laid back attitude.

[Wine critic style review, for no reason whatsoever] I’m getting a bouquet of 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, with a soupcon of Descendants. Also, *sniff*, an undercurrent of British and *sniff* yes, American 90s indie rock. *sip* Strong flavours of *swill* hmmm yes, The Ramones and a multitude of other 70s *spit* punk. There is an aftertaste of Dead Kennedys *gargle* guitars and  a body of The Germs.

Okay, enough of that: here’s my criticism, with this multi-pastiche approach to music, you get an album that isn’t really very cohesive, one minute they’re sounding like the 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster, the next, The Ramones (especially evident on LDA), with a hidden bonus tracks sounding like a cross between the Pixies and Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground; everything sounds like something else, and for that reason, none of it sounds particularly new.

But in the end, none of that really matters. These surf pop-punk tracks are catchy and fun, and you’ll honestly be singing along on your first listen. There is a certain lazy hedonistic quality to the songs, befitting the surf/skate bum and drug/alcohol themes.

Favourite tracks: Whore, 5 to 9, Wake Bake Skate

Spotify link: FIDLAR – FIDLAR
Sneak peak: 

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