The Night Marchers – Allez! Allez! (2013)

The Night Marchers - Allez Allez! (2013)

Remember Rocket From The Crypt? Well, this is the second album from the lead singer Speedo’s latest band, The Night Marchers, following See You in Magic (2008).

Speedo (real name John Reis) is joined by two members of another of his bands, Hot Snakes.

Clash-style guitars drive this brand of garage rock n’ roll, while. More punky numbers include Thar She Blows and Fisting The Fanbase; while Pain is a slower number, highlighting Reis’s ability to drag a pop tow net and hook some great catchy melodies.

If you’ve ever listened to Rocket From The Crypt or Hot Snakes, you’ll know what to expect: Rock n’ Roll, heavy emphasis on both the rock and the roll, catchy bluesy hooks, Reis’s distinctive voice, lot’s of fun, lots of singalong; in all Loud, Dumb and Mean, as the title of the second track expounds.

And, that’s the thing, this sounds like Rocket From The Crypt, plain and simple; maybe less emphasis on the horn section. Not to say that that’s a bad thing, it certainly isn’t, but this leads to comparisons with the fantastic Scream Dracula Scream (1995), and it isn’t as good as that.

Overall, a fine album, definitely worth a listen and it is a lot of fun; but you, like me, might end up digging out some old Rocket From The Crypt after a listen.

Favourite tracks: All Hits, I Wear The Horns, Thar She Blows

Spotify link: The Night Marchers – Allez Allez
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