Nostalgia 77 and the Monster – The Taxidermist (2012)

Nostalgia 77 and the Monster - The Taxidermist (2012)

Nostalgia 77 is the moniker of British producer, Benedic Lamdin, and on first glance one would be forgiven for thinking that this might be some retro punk album the ransom note lettering and the presence in the name of that iconic year.

However, while Nostalgia 77 is not a band to follow the rules, this isn’t some 3-chord shouty hop around. What we have here is an absolutely amazing modern Jazz album.

While the rhythms may be modern and straying into nu-jazz territory, the rest sounds so classic. Latin rhythms drive title track, The Taxidermist, while a Miles-esque trumpet takes you from Jazz bliss into psychedelic reverie; the same is true on The Ignored. The Last Few Days has a choppy piano lead the way, with off kilter precision, and Algeron and Zippy Slipper take a more dark-jazz approach, sounding more like the Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble or Bohren and Der Club of Gore.  Sun Ra cover, Angels and Devils at Play is another outstanding number, starting out slow with a mournful trumpet, building in intensity to a riotious musical battle that just blows you away.

In short, this is a fantastic Jazz album. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Favourite tracks: The Taxidermist, Angels and Devils at Play, Zippy Slipper

Spotify link: Nostalgia 77 and the Monster – The Taxidermist
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