Ogun Afrobeat – The Observer (2012)

Ogun Afrobeat - The Observer (2012)

Ogun Afrobeat are a Madrid-based afrobeat band built around the rhythms of Nigerian, Akin Dimeji Onas.

It would a challenge to write a review of an afrobeat album without mentioning the legendary Fela Kuti and Ogun Afrobeat present an album here with original tracks and Kuti covers (namely Colonial Mentality, Eko Ile and Monday Morning in Lagos). But, I would hasten to say that they are much more than a Fela Kuti clone, Ogun Afrobeat go further and really carve out a funky niche for themselves; at times sounding like Magma, other times Fishbone.

Overall, this is a great slab of funky and exciting afrobeat, and lives up to expectations, covers are treated reverently whilst still having an Ogun Afrobeat stamp on them, and originals are innovative and fun. Funky beats, blazing organs and fantastic horns throughout, all with a crisp clean sound.

Favourite tracks: The Observer, Salitre, Eko Ile,

Bandcamp link: http://ogunafrobeat.bandcamp.com/
Spotify link: Ogun Afrobeat – The Observer
Sneak peak: 

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