Black Light Burns – Lotus Island (2013)

Black Light Burns - Lotus Island (2013)

I wonder what it must be like to be in Wes Borland’s head. Therein, you find chest-thumping frat-rap  metallers, Limp Bizkit; then big dumb metallers, Big Bumb Face, and now Black Light Burns.

This is an unusual album, full of big fuzzy guitar (reminding me a bit of Ex-Girl), vocals which remind me for some reason of Matt Johnson (The The). The album consists of four songs and 7 instrumental tracks, serving as something of a retrospective soundtrack to 1973 film The Holy Mountain.

That just adds to the unusual feel to the album; making it rather non-cohesive, to be honest. The instrumental tracks aren’t really that much to write home about, there is some interest to be had, but repeated listening doesn’t follow. The songs fly under the radar as well. Two of them do stick out, however, It Rapes All In Its Path, a remix of their track from the fourth Underworld film, sounding like a Marilyn Manson track, and My Love Is Coming For You, which has a decidedly post-punk goth rock Sisters Of Mercy sound to it.

Overall, this album really didn’t do it for me. The two tracks I highlight are actually really good, and other stuff that I have heard by them off previous albums I enjoyed more, but this album, not really.

Favourite tracks: It Rapes All In Its Path, My Love Is Coming For You

Spotify link: Black Light Burns – Lotus Island
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