Black Pus – All My Relations (2013)

Black Pus - All My Relations (2013)

Black Pus is the one-man project of American noise rockers, Lightening Bolt’s drummer Brian Chippendale, and this is his second album, afer 2011’s Primordial Pus.

It sounds like the offspring of Captain Beefheart and Atari Teenage Riot, wet-nursed by Genesis P.Orridge at Belgian breakcore parties. I love it!

It is brutally heavy, with massively distorted bass, sounding like an engine, thundering away. The drums are brilliantly complex, splattering intensely, utterly engaging. On top of that, it is riotously noisy; heavily processed vocals give an air of experimental math rockers, Battles, especially on a track like Word On The Street or Hear No Evil, which I find an appropriate comparison due to the prominence of the rhythm on this album and in Battles’ work. Other times, it is glitchy and playful, reminiscent of breakcore. It is slower and more sludgy than Lightening Bolt.

I love this album. It is an absolute gem. Heavy, experimental, playful and noisy. A real showcase from a very talented drummer.

Favourite tracks: Word On The Street, Hear No Evil, Fly On The Wall

Spotify link: Black Pus – All My Relations
Sneak peak: 

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