Villagers – {Awayland} (2013)

Villagers - {Awayland} (2013)

Villagers is a band fronted by singer/songwriter Conor O’Brien from Dublin, Ireland, and the curiously punctuated {Awayland} is the second album.

This is a great album, at times I am reminded very much of Paul Simon; however, there is a definite more modern experimental folk edge to the whole thing. Opener, My Lighthouse, is a modest track, one of the most Paul Simon-esque tracks, subtle guitar and harmonic vocals. This is followed by the fantastic Earthly Pleasures, which shows O’Brien’s flair for inventive, emotive and evocative songwriting.

{Awayland} is a great album, thoroughly absorbing, with grand concepts executed perfectly. A stunning mix of folk and experimental, O’Brien is a great talent. Loved it.

Favourite tracks: Earthly Pleasure, The Waves, Grateful Song

Spotify link: Villagers – {Awayland} (Digital Deluxe)
Sneak peak: 

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