Mory Kante – La Guinéenne (2013)

Mory Kante - La Guinéenne (2013)

Mory Kante is one of Africa’s most well-known and commercially successful singer. As the title of his latest album suggests, he comes from the West African country of Guinea.

I find this album to be a bit of mixed bag, overall, it is very upbeat and would be great for dancing; you can’t listen to it without bopping in your seat. Horns lead you into the fray, and a funky rhythm that is very afrobeat in nature drives you along. This is true of the majority of tracks; however, there are variations, such as Malibala, a decidely reggae offering. Kante’s vocals always sound fresh and inventive, with an almost middle-Eastern twang to them. Other instruments in use are the kora, and some kind of glockenspiel. Sometimes I find the music a little cheesy, a little pop-oriented.

It is a good album, lots of fun and engagingly rhythmic

Favourite tracks: Mbalia, Malibala, Oh Oh Oh

Spotify link: Mory Kante – La Guinéenne
Sneak peak: 

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