Wolvon – Folds (2013)

Wolvon - Folds (2013)

Wolvon are Dutch. Forming in 2011, they are relatively new to the scene, but have come with an intense desire to entertain with their own brand of music.

This is a tale of extremes, as pop and noise interweave to devastating effect. Take, for example, Slow Death, what starts off as a quiet outing, changes into a grinding noise-fest like a family dog backed into a corner turning into a snapping vicious beast.

The overall effect is one of disorientation, as dream pop gives way to noise rock, sounding like Sonic Youth or the Velvet Underground, all wrapped up in a bit of an acid trip a la the Butthole Surfers. But it isn’t some undirected soundscape; there is pure inspiration here, polyrhythms galore, and experimental highlights. The backing vocals towards the end of Stagnant is fantastic.

It’s an intense journey that leaves you enervated, but exhilarated. Totally worthwhile.

Favourite tracks: Stagnant, Hesitation Walls, Slow Death

Spotify link: WOLVON – folds.
Bandcamp link: http://wolvon.bandcamp.com/
Sneak peak: 

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