Foot Village – Make Memories (2013)

Foot Village - Make Memories (2013)

Foot Village are an American noise rock band, who focus on drumming and vocalisation in creating their own brand of “tribal noise rock”. I don’t remember when I first encountered them, but there is something certainly engaging about what they do. There is something almost magical about the way the body reacts to music. When a rhythm is close to heart rate, the heart will often sync up to the beat, then, if done incrementally, the heart rate can be controlled by music. With Foot Village’s use of drums and of screaming vocals (another affective mechanism), their music has a genuine effect on the body.

Due to the emphasis on repetitiveness and the experimental nature of the music, comparisons to certain other bands become evident; for example, This Song Is A Drug Deal sounds like it could be Boredoms or Ruins. And that is more than enough to earn a recommendation from me. There is not enough music that sounds like this. Opening track 1600 Dolla Bill is an epic noise-fest, entering drone territory at times and Warlock is a primal riot of a track, ending in an almost Fantomas-esque trope, while The End Of The World is a lullaby of a track.

Foot Village would seemingly have little aural space to occupy because of the apparent limited nature of their music. But that is totally false. Through these basic means of banging and shouting, they generate some very evocative music; often noisy and loud, but sometimes sweet and gentle.

Favourite tracks: This Song Is A Drug Deal, Warlock, The End Of The World

Spotify link: Foot Village – Make Memories
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