Phoenix – Bankrupt! (2013)

Phoenix – Bankrupt! (2013)

Phoenix - Bankrupt! (2013)

Phoenix are an indie rock band from Verseilles, France and Bankrupt! is their fifth album.

Bankrupt marks a bit of a diversion from previous albums, with a more synth-led sound, and bigger rounder guitar sounds. There is a lot of influence from the 1980s post-punk pop and it is all very slick and well produced. However, I found it mostly boring and a lot of the twee electro-sound effects to be a distraction from the rest of the music. It is pretty uninspired and not very innovative.

There were a couple of highlights in the form of title track, Bankrupt!, a 7-min complex multi-textured polyrhythmic masterclass, bordering on prog-rock at times. If the rest of the album was derived from this track, it would border on genius. I love this track. Another good track, and I am reticent to mention it as it is a bonus track, is the Grizzly Bear remix of Entertainment, the opening track; which is given a glitchy make-over adding to the interest.

Favorite tracks: Bankrupt!, Entertainment – Grizzly Bear remix

Spotify link: Phoenix – Bankrupt!
Sneak peak: 

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