The Men – New Moon (2013)

The Men - New Moon (2013)

The Men are nominally a punk band from Brooklyn.

There seems to be an unusual evolution in the punk music that The Men present. In the same way that marsupials in the  evolved to fill the same niches with the same solutions as placental mammals did elsewhere. In this context, I feel as if The Men’s brand of punk evolved convergently from something other than rock music, perhaps even folk; certainly something more rootsy.

It is a measure of how good a band is, if they can evoke other bands while not sounding like some bad facsimile. And The Men, to me, evoke American roots-influenced grunge bands, such as country-punk proto-grungers Meat Puppets, but also, with a certain element of noisey guitars and an important dynamic between load and soft, seminal band The Pixies. Sometimes, this is turned completely on its head and they have a Ramones air to them.

Overall, I think this is a great album and one I am glad to hear. It is punk, but not necessarily as you might have expected, it’s catchy as hell and a real treat to hear.

Favourite tracks: Most of the album, to be honest!

Spotify link: The Men – New Moon
Sneak peak: 

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