Rockets – Pregnant! (2013)

Rockets - Pregnant! (2013)

First off, this isn’t the French space rock band from the 70s/80s, but instead a German Gypsy-rock/”Irish rock” (as their Facebook page says) band. I think that they may have formed in 1992(?) and the Pregnant! is their third album.

By listening to quick snippets, as I often do with the list of albums to review, I was rather looking forward to this, it sounded like an interesting gypsy/dub crossover, vocals sounding even a bit like Joe Strummer.

Opening track is quite encouraging, with a driving beat and upbeat gypsy rock; but that’s where it ends, in my opinion. The album becomes incredibly cheesy, incredibly quickly and begins to remind me of much of Eurovision; cheesy and derivative and I’m afraid, overall, I didn’t enjoy it.

Spotify link: Rockets – Pregnant

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