Metz – Metz (2012)

Metz - Metz (2012)

What’s Canadian and noisy?


This debut album from Toronto noise-rockers is just great. Straight up great.

Each track is a short sharp shock to the system, of brutally noisey punk rock, with thundering drums. It’s unrelenting and it reminds me of early grunge. Despite the inherent looseness of noise rock, Metz are incredibly tight; an almost contradiction, like how the most talented can make the most impressive task seem pedestrian. That is the beauty of Metz.

Without sounding like a cheap rip off, Metz manage to suck in all the forerunners to what they are doing, Black Flag, Melvins, Nirvana, Big Black, and the like; taking them in, mixing them up like an industrial washing machine and spitting them back out.

I love it, it is a pure acerbic assault to your face.

Favourite tracks: Wet Blanket, Wasted,
Spotify link: Metz – METZ
Sneak peak: 

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