David Lynch – The Big Dream (2013)

David Lynch - The Big Dream (2013)

Ah, David Lynch, purveyor of several cerebral cult films which make varying degrees of sense, director of one of my favourite TV programmes, Twin Peaks, and, most recently, musician. This is Lynch’s second studio album after 2011’s Crazy Clown Time.

Somewhere in the jumbled bag of knowledge, tropes and memes that I call my brain, there is a band which sounds just like this, but I cannot put my finger on it; it is on the tip of my ear, as it were. The general sound feels like an intelligent mix of blues and trip-hop; a sort of trip-hop noir.

Lynch’s voice comes across like a mix between (if you can try to imagine this) early Neil Young, Daniel Johnston and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. In fact, the slower Butthole Surfers’ songs are probably a good comparison in some ways. The Big Dream is not as extreme or as psychedelic as the Butthole Surfers, but there is something about the way the tracks sounds, especially the vocals. The final comparison is not so surprising; Julee Cruise’s Floating Into The Night (1989), for which Lynch co-wrote the songs with Angelo Badalamenti and a number of tracks were used in Twin Peaks, including the instrumental mix of Falling as the title music.

It’s not as weird as you might be expecting, but it is no Straight Story either. There is plenty to get the brain ticking over and to twist your melon not quite into insanity, but into a un-ease. A great album.

Favourite tracks: Last Call, Say It, The Ballad Of Hollis Brown, The Line It Curves
Spotify link: David Lynch – The Big Dream
Sneak peak: 

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