Sankt Otten – Messias Maschine (2013)

Sankt Otten - Messias Maschine (2013)

Sankt Otten are a German duo formed in 1999 with six studio albums under their belt. On this, their seventh album, the collaborate with numerous artists including Jaki Liebezeit from Can and Anthony Paterra of Zombi and Majeure.

Their sound is on the more electronic side of krautrock/space rock and, at first, I wasn’t taken in with it; until I got to Mach Bitte Dass Es Leiser Wird, which just made everything click. I don’t think I had been listening with the right ears. What an outstanding track: beautiful theremin courtesy of guest musician Miles Brown leads the melody in an instant space rock classic. Lovely synths drive the majority of the tracks and, with deep listening, one is taken on some great astronomical journeys.

While the album is still pretty reserved overall, there are moments of outright beauty and it is a great album, but one that needs to be either completely in the background or intently listened to; there is no half-an-ear to be had here.

Favourite tracks: Mach Bitte Dass Es Leiser Wird, Das Geräusch des Wartens, Nach Dir die Sinnesflut

Spotify link: Sankt Otten – Messias Maschine
Bandcamp link:
Sneak peak: 

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