The idea of this blog is that I intend to listen to an album a day and tell you what I think.

My (vague) rules are this:
1) I haven’t heard the album before
2) It’s relatively new.

Yeah, I may bend these rules now and then, but that is my general aim.

One of the main reasons for this is to do what I call “Auralnautical exploration”, discovering new music; so, I hope that you will give me suggestions. I am willing to try any genre, any artist, any album; however, Jazz, experimental, avant-garde, quirky, unusual, etc. are likely to be more favourably received, and pop, less likely…

So, suggest away!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Kris (MHunter)

    While both of these may be considered Pop/Rock I do not think they fit entirely in the pop mainstream.
    Tame Impala may be relatively unknown but may “pop” out this year, time will tell. Somewhere like Cochella or something.
    I haven’t listened to this myself yet as it just released today but seeing Yo La Tengo had new music I thought they might fit into your blog. After seeing the Residents I considered adding YLT as I see them as a similar pop knowledge. Limited audience but commonly known to many.

    Also 2 more:
    http://www.allmusic.com/album/celestial-electric-mw0002175498 (I’ve always enjoyed Shawn Lee’s work)

    Will Mike Patton make it into you exploration? You seem familiar with his works and while he is rather well known and mainstream, so much of his work is not. I felt Mondo Cane [2010] was a great achievement and would’ve fit into this blog.

    Last note I am a friend and former co-worker with a member of Antibalas and shared with him your review and therefore hopefully your blog may spread a little more breeding more suggestions and responses. I appreciate your efforts in Auralnautical exploration. I am very pleased to find another who is enthusiastic about discovering new music and so open minded to the process.

    1. heidavey Post author

      I’m a big Mike Patton fan; all things going well, I should be reviewing the new Tomahawk album at the end of the month.

      Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for passing on the review! I hope he likes it!


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