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Call Of The Void – Dragged Down A Dead End Path (2013)

Call Of The Void - Dragged Down A Dead End Path (2013)

Call Of The Void are a Denver-based extreme metal band.

The album throws a curveball straight away; opening track Failure starts off sounding like you are about to listen to a sludge album, then a hardcore riff kicks in and we’re off. Blistering hardcore punk is the order of the day and we are about to get served!

Nominally, Call Of The Void have been called a grindcore band, but like the sludge influence, this is only a part of their repertoire (granted Faith & Filth is Napalm Death-esque). The overwhelming sound here is hardcore, and bloody good it is too. Riffs are mercilessly hurled and the vocals are snarling, with unbridled passion.

I like it; if metal is your thing, you’re likely to as well. It won’t have mass appeal, obviously.


Favourite tracks: Napalm Lungs, Endless Ritual Abuse, Bottom Feeder

Spotify link: Call of the Void – Dragged Down A Dead End Path
Bandcamp link: http://callofthevoid303.bandcamp.com/
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Rotten Sound – Species At War (2013)

Rotten Sound – Species At War (2013)

Rotten Sound - Species At War (2013)

Finland’s Rotten Sound are veterans of the grindcore scene and this release signifies 20 years of the band.

Grindcore for those to whom this is a new term is an extreme metal genre, typified by extremely fast blastbeats, fast tempos, short songs and, often, a socially progressive message. It grew out of hardcore punk, crust punk and metal.

Rotten Sound blast back two years after their last album, with this EP.

The sound is, as expected, extreme and typical grindcore; Cause and War are ferocious aural assaults, while The Game and Salvation, although still unrelenting, move into biff riff territory. The sound is crisp, with fantastic growled vocals, and pinpoint grind accuracy.

Will you like it? Well, if you are into extreme metal, I’m sure you will, it is a perfect grind remedy to any amount of mundane musak your ears might be subjected to during a day without full control over input, as radios and television give us the latest preened industry-molded doll. If extreme metal isn’t your thing; no, you won’t like this. Though, at only 8 minutes in total, it might be worth your time to try something new, totally out of your comfort zone and out on the extremes of this crazy thing we call music.

Me? I love it.

Favourite tracks: Salvation, The Solution, Cause

Spotify link: Rotten Sound – Species At War
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