Ergo Phizmiz – Eleven Songs (2012)

Ergo Phizmiz - Eleven Songs (2012)

Some people are weird. Some people are really weird and some people are subtly weird. Some people are weird because they try to be weird and it’s an affectation. Some people are just naturally weird.

Ergo Phizmiz is weird, subtly and completely naturally.

Some people take themselves way too seriously. Some people just can’t be serious at all. Some people you just can’t tell whether they are mocking or are being earnest.

Ergo Phizmiz is in the last category.

If you have listened to any of Ergo Phizmiz before, especially his work with People Like Us, you will probably know him as more of a sound collage/sampling/plunderphonics artist; but, as expected, you never know what to expect from him!

Eleven Songs is an idiosyncratic lo-fi rock/indie album. It is whimsical and fun, and since hearing it this morning, I have been singing these songs all day! Despite the non-mainstream appeal, these eleven songs are damned catchy! Unusual meter, lyrics and melodies keep the interest high at all times!

The overall sound reminds me most of The Kinks, (early) Pink Floyd, some of the more unusual Beatles tracks and at times, even Ween and The Billy Nayer Show. With completely off the wall lyrics (“I’ll write your obituary and stick it on my face” – The Penguin; “Come away with me; kidnap the Pope” – Lafcadio; “I don’t believe in what you stand for, I don’t believe in what you sit for, you sit for your dinner, I don’t believe in your dinner” – I Don’t Believe), the comparisons to Syd Barrett are further drawn and fair.

On first listen, I didn’t think I would love this album so much, but its so infectious! I challenge you to listen to it once and not want to immediately go back to the beginning and begin again.

Favourite tracks: The Devil in the Belfry, I Don’t Believe, Ophelia

Spotify link: Ergo Phizmiz – Eleven Songs
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