Lucrecia Dalt – Commotus (2012)

Lucretia Dalt - Commotus (2012)

Lucrecia Dalt is a bassist and singer-songwriter from Colombia, who resides in Barcelona.

On this, her second album, she has presented 12 dark pop tracks, often dense and muggy, but always haunting. Turmoil exemplifies the album’s aesthetic: a simple slow-tempo drum beat move inexerably forward; a deep dark minimalist bass hits; Dalt’s chilling vocals weave in the middle distance; and Morricone-esque guitars outline the most of a chorus you are going to receive. The simple but effective (and affecting) melodies take you on journeys; each track, a new adventure.

I am reminded of soundtracks when listening to Commotus, especially those of Morricone, Badalamenti, Mansell.

This album is fantastic minimalist but creative pop; actually very experimental, dark and dangerous. Like a musical journey through a haunted forest. Who knows whether these spirits are malevolent or benevolent?

Favourite tracks: Escopolamina, Turmoil, Mohan.

Spotify link: Lucrecia Dalt – Commotus
Sneak peak: 

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