Trichotomy – Fact Finding Mission (2013)

Trichotomy - Fact Finding Mission (2013)

Trichotomy: a splitting into three parts; a philosophical concept of the three-fold nature of mankind; an Australian jazz band consisting of Sean Foran on piano, John Parker on drums and Pat Marchisella on bass.

On first listen, I was struck by a bit of a discontinuity in the album. In my mind, I categorised the tracks into certain groups. FIrstly, there is a noir-esque couple of tracks: title track Fact Finding Mission is probably the most unusual on the album, offering rough manic piano with samples from political statements by Richard Nixon and George W Bush, while the amazing Brick By Brick starts with bowed bass, sparse piano and glorious tenor sax from guest musician Lindsay Pollack. Next, you have the restrained and classical post-bop jazz, in opening track Strom, which finds Foran’s playful piano against the strong driving rhythm section, or the beautiful lullaby, which lives up to its name perfectly. Finally, the more exploratory and modern jazz tracks, including Blank Canvas, which sees guest musician, James Muller’s electric guitar melding perfectly with the trio and offering up melodies reminiscent of Stevie Wonder’s organ in Contusion off Songs In The Key Of Life (1976), or Joe Zawinul’s fusion freakouts for Weather Report.

After a couple of listens, I realised that this apparent discontinuity is the trichotomy of Trichotomy; it is the multifaceted talent of this fabulous band and highlights their ability to move across different parts of the jazz landscape with ease.

Favourite tracks: Brick By Brick, Song For EV, Strom.

Spotify link: Trichotomy – Fact Finding Mission
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