Animal Collective – Centipede Hz (2012)

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz (2012)

There is a website called Bassistwanted which once published a comic in which a guy asked his friend why the stereo was all messed and playing several channels at once: the Beach Boys, Phillip Glass and some World Music…

“You thought you were listening to Animal Collective, didn’t you?” goes the punchline.

And that description is quite apt, if not a little snarky. Animal Collective’s brand of neo-psychedelic freak folk is a complex multi-layered odyssey.

I find on Centipede Hz, Animal Collective are more restrained than on previous albums. Rather than four strands trying to expand you brain by pulling you in four different directions at once, they are now leading you on a journey through many places.

The classic Animal Collective elements are there and this will certainly appeal to fans and newcomers alike. It’s not as “out there” as previous outings, but it is still good, still mind-expanding and still exciting.

Favourite tracks: Today’s Supernatural, Applesauce, Monkey Riches.

Spotify link: Animal Collective – Centipede Hz
Sneak peak: 

2 thoughts on “Animal Collective – Centipede Hz (2012)

  1. Kris (MHunter)

    Haha I was wondering if you were going to review this and if I should post a suggestion. Thanks for the review, glad to get someone else’s opinion of it.


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