Georgia Mancio – Silhouette (2012)

Georgia Mancio - Silhouette (2012)

This is probably the most unusual album I’ve listened to so far for this blog by virtue of the fact that it is probably the most straightforward. But that isn’t to say that this is a boring album; it is nothing of the sort.

This is British Jazz vocalist Georgia Mancio’s third album and it is great. She has a lovely and versatile voice, ranging from soulful on tracks like Modhina, to producing melodies such as a lead sax or trumpet would go for at times on Question the Answer, a reworking of a Pet Methany track.

Silhouette is an album of covers and originals. I feel that Tom Waits is a good person to cover if you are playing Jazz and Mancio plays a great version of Take it With Me from Mule Variations (1999).

This album will certainly not appease those looking for auralnautical exploration at the fringes of music, but if you are looking for some good Jazz for the journey home, this has plenty of interest.

Favourite tracks: Question the Answer, Finisterre, TransOceanica.

Spotify link: Georgia Mancio – Silhouette
Sneak peak: 

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