Goldfish – Goldfish (2012)

Goldfish - Goldfish (2012)


Goldfish hail from Cape Town, South Africa, but sound more like a Europop band; maybe not as bubblegum as a lot of Europop, there is certainly a lot more interest on this album.

This is something of a “best of” after Goldfish’s move to EMI records, so collects songs from previous albums as well as two new tracks.

In general, they take a lot of sounds from Jazz, sampled piano vamps on most tracks, Woman’s a Devil starts with a Charlston-eque looped horn riff and a highlight to me, as does the sax on Brush Your Hair. However, the predominant genre is dance, which leads to uninteresting rhythms (it barely changes the whole album), and cliched licks.

Overall, this album doesn’t appeal to me; there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Favourite tracks: Woman’s a Devil, Brush Your Hair, In Too Deep.

Spotify link: GoldFish – Goldfish
Sneak peak: 

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