Jorge Pardo – Huellas (2012)

Jorge Pardo - Huellas (2012)

Jorge Pardo is a flautist and saxophonist from Madrid, Spain. His two streams are flamenco and jazz, and he has worked with flamenco legend Paco de Lucia and jazz auteur Chick Corea.

Huellas is a double album of flamenco-infused jazz, performed with around 50 additional musicians, and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much. There are 18 original pieces, and a number of things make this album stand out to my ears. Firstly, the flute and the marimba, two great instruments which are not utilised all that often in jazz, masterfully played on this album and add a real sense of excitement to the overall sound; next, the guitar; mostly played in a style familiar to Iberian jazz, incorporating elements of flamenco and adding the Latin vibe of the album; along with the flamenco stylings of the guitar is the use of palmas, rhythmic clapping derived from flamenco. Together, these raise Huellas above other jazz albums. The fact that they are integral to the music and not part of an artificial fusion, where the flamenco has been tacked on, but instead is a natural addition, is another reason to hold this album in high esteem.

Pardo’s flute and sax skills are extraordinary and Huellas is an album of high talent, well worth the listen.

Favourite tracks: Saluncar – Mojacar, Cora Cora, Y Tu Tambien

Spotify link: Jorge Pardo – Huellas
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