Johan Söderqvist – Kon Tiki OST (2012)

Johan Söderqvist - Kon Tiki OST (2012)

Some original soundtracks can work well independently of the moving images that they composed to accompany; others are more dependent on the film to fulfil their potential. Regretably, I feel that Söderqvist’s music here falls into the latter camp.

Söderqvist is a Swedish composer who has more than 50 film credits to his name, including the original of Let The Right One In, After The Wedding, and Things We Lost In The Fire. Here, his soundtrack is for the Best Foreign Language Oscar-nominated Kon Tiki, from Norwegian directors, Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

The story of Kon Tiki is quite interesting; he film dramatises the saga of the true story of Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, who, in 1947, set out to prove that Polynesia could have been populated from South America. So, by making a Peruvian-style raft, naming it Kon Tiki after the Inca sun god, he set out with a crew of five on a 101-day, ~7000 km journey from Peru to the Tuamotu archipelago, showing the journey to be ultimately viable. 

The titles of the tracks are fairly uninspired and seem purely functional, and to be honest, that’s what the music sounds like, fairly pedestrian incidental music, a few upbeat tracks, with a general feeling of hope, but nothing too exciting.

That said, it is unfair to criticise a soundtrack too harshly when I haven’t watched the film, but as I say, some soundtracks can live and thrive on their own, so it is worth listening; this is not one. I may readdress my opinion upon watching the film.

Spotify link: Johan Söderqvist – Kon Tiki (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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